bookquilts  "Fanciful Quilts to Paper Piece"

Made by Dane Boor from Germany. I love the green background ! Cute !


Made by Dory Vriezekolk. Thanks for sharing this photo !


Made in a few days (!) by Mia van Hoeven


Made by Helga Posttump


A cute pink dachshund quilt for Chantal made by Else van Veluw (Huizen)

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Adrie Jansen made this cute playquilt. For the borders she used blocks she found on the internet ,as well as blocks she designed herself. 

What a great present for your grandson Dieter !

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This cute teddybear in country look is made by Else van Veluw

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Another cute variation of a "fanciful pattern". These turtles are made by Bente from Belgium/Denmark !

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I received this photo from Valerie Taber from Texas. She wrote: "When I wanted to make a very special farewell gift, your pattern suited our theme of the “Yellow Rose of Texas” perfectly". Valerie was the first who send me a picture of a pattern from my book and I just love it ! Beautiful ! Thanks for sharing !

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This playquilt is made by Angela Schippers for a cute boy named Jordi. As you can see he loves it ! Thank you for sharing this cute photo !

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Lidy Du Bois made this cute weddingquilt for a colleague.What a great gift !! I love the golden fabric !

Thanks for sharing this photo

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This rose quilt is made by Erika Lambrechts-Van Geel (Edegem, Belgium) 

I love your design ! Thanks for the photo !


Made by Cindy Stahl in St. Louis, Missouri.

It is her favorite, she loves the bright, cheerful colors..

I agree !! My compliments ! Thank you for sharing this photo.